10 Must-Read Online-Recruiting Blogs

Many are personal blogs, full of random ramblings about politics, ecology, Web 2.0 and other unrelated subjects. Others are promotions of seminars, webinars, books and training workshops offered by the blogs’ proprietors. What the online-recruiting blog world really needs is a blog that is all about the techniques of online recruiting. Most blogs drop a hint or two, but the real trade secrets seem to be locked up in for-fee seminars and other products. That’s to be expected in a hot industry where the tricks of the trade are learned by trial and error.

But there are some blogs that focus on recruiting topics. Here are a few of the best:

1. Six Degrees From Dave: Dave is a principal of recruitment-training firm Dave Mendoza & Associates Inc. Self-described as a “master cybersleuth,” Mendoza is an affiliate partner of Shally Sheckert’s Jobmachine.com. His blog spotlights HR-industry leaders, sourcing gurus, global-staffing practices and social networking. It was also recently named Best Overall Recruitment Blog of 2007 by Hireability.com.

2. Advanced Online Recruiting Techniques: Blog author Glenn Gutmacher has been an interactive-products manager for Community Newspaper Company, where he launched the JobSmart site in 1996. Since then, Gutmacher has focused on teaching companies the ins and outs of using the Internet to recruit talent. His blog is full of tips on how to find managerial candidates based on number of direct reports, how to find qualified candidates on LinkedIn.com, how online marriage announcements can generate candidates and much more.

3. Krista Bradford: Bradford is an Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist turned retained-search consultant. Her firm, The Good Search, was founded in 1997. Bradford’s self-titled blog focuses on brand-building and using the Internet to generate buzz about a company. She also discusses relationships between recruiters and employers, social networks, how to mine résumés for contacts within a company and other topics of interest to recruiters and HR professionals. Her recent post about the valuable connection between HR and corporate social responsibility is worth a read.

4. Shally’s Blog (on Jobmachine.com): This blog draws people to Shally Sheckert’s candidate-sourcing, research-consulting and seminar business. The posts are frequent and interesting to recruiting professionals. The latest, as of this writing, concerns a new LinkedIn feature that provides competitive intelligence on contacts’ companies. Other posts discuss search-engine optimization for career sites; software that integrates with LinkedIn and other business networks; and plugs for various recruiting seminars put on by Sheckert and his colleagues.

5. Old Cheezhead: This blog is authored by Joel Cheesman, a well-known blogger, speaker, entrepreneur and “agent of change” for online-recruitment topics. Cheesman is a firm believer in the power of search-engine optimization to promote companies’ career sites and job listings. His motto is, “You don’t need Monster when have Google.” The online-recruitment category of his blog features interviews with major industry players, news about startup job sites and social networks, tips on video résumés, workplace diversity and more.

6. CollegeRecruiter.com Blog: This corporate blog by the CollegeRecruiter.com career site is full of news about Facebook and MySpace applications; the economy and recruiting; new recruiting and interviewing techniques (e.g., adidas Group gives away free webcams to short-listed interviewees); and how small firms are using Facebook and YouTube LLC to recruit entry-level employees. Articles for both recruiters and job seekers abound, such as “How to Recruit Great Interns” and “Salary Negotiation Tips for College Students and Recent Grads.”

7. RecruitingBloggers.com: RecruitingBloggers.com aggregates blog posts from around the recruiting-blog world. Articles are by some of the top names in online recruiting, such as Jim Stroud. Recent topics include recruitment advertising, the outlook for recent college graduates, new Facebook applications, social media relationships and “flip searching” to find passive candidates.

8. GoodRecruits: This blog “offers tips, resources and insight on how to get the most out of those recruiting dollars,” and is maintained by Mary Elaine Ramos. It concerns offline as well as online recruiting techniques, such as recruitment advertising, interviewing skills and salary negotiations.

9. Tales From the Digital Side: Tales From the Digital Side is a well-written blog by Laura Shannon, vice president of Interactive Sourcing & Strategy for Bernard Hodes Group. Shannon has been involved in online recruitment since 2000. Her blog discusses the recruitment value of affinity circles, demographically targeted recruitment advertisements on Google, search-engine optimization strategy for career sites, behavioral targeting in recruitment advertising and much more.

10. Ask The Recruiter: This blog is by “Dakotta”, who works in the online-media section of the Los Angeles Times. Recent topics include “How to find diversity candidates on LinkedIn,” “Finding Résumés with Social Networking” and “Grokker.com: A Recruiter’s 2nd Best Friend”. Dakotta also speculates on general HR topics like creating a well-balanced work environment and using HR metrics to measure the effectiveness of different recruiting channels.