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NCP can save organizations significant time and money in the hiring process. By outsourcing the recruitment process, organizations can focus on their core business functions while we can handle the recruitment process. This can result in a faster time-to-hire and reduce overall costs.

Benefits of Using NCP

Finding the right candidate for a job can be a daunting and time consuming task for any organization. With the ever-increasing competition for top talent, finding the right recruitment partner is crucial to help you identify and attract the right candidates.

Return on Investment of Using NCP


Reduced Recruitment Costs

Using NCP can result in lower recruitment costs for organizations. We can access a wide pool of candidates, reducing the need for costly advertising and marketing campaigns. We also have the expertise to negotiate salaries and benefits, ensuring that organizations get the best value for their money. 


Increased Focus on Core Business Functions

Organizations can focus on their core business functions by outsourcing the recruitment process to NCP. This can result in increased productivity, profitability, and more efficient use of resources. Managers spend hours upon hours processing resumes and screening potential hires, which takes them away from other vital responsibilities. 


Better Hires and Lower Turnover Rates

NCP is dedicated to finding the best candidates for our clients. We use a range of tools and techniques to assess candidates' skills and experience, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates are presented to the organization. This can result in better hires and lower turnover rates, positively impacting the organization's bottom line.

The NCP Difference

Using NCP can be a smart investment for organizations of all sizes. With our wide network, deep expertise, and commitment to finding the best candidates, we can help organizations save time and money, improve the quality of hires, and increase productivity and profitability. Organizations can focus on their core business functions by working with us while leaving the recruitment process to the experts.

NCP's satisfied client Shoppers Drug Mart
NCP's satisfied client Loblaws
NCP's satisfied client American Express
NCP's satisfied client Omers Pension
NCP's satisfied client GFL
NCP's satisfied client Hydro One
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