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If a candidate is referred to NCP for any position and the referred candidate is hired, NCP will pay you a referral reward. The reward will be based on the length of employment tenure. Please send us candidates or contact us to discuss.

Flow Through Referral Program

Suppose you already have an identified candidate to fill your staffing needs and are looking for a payroll program. In that case, NCP will administer all approved timesheets and contractor payments and send you one invoice per your accounting process. NCP will administer a flow-through referral payroll program for a nominal administration fee. NCP will perform a full-service recruitment process.



  • Criminal Background Clearance

  • Credit Reports(if necessary)

  • Reference Checks 

  • Contract Administration

  • Temp T4- Source Deductions, T4 Processing, ROE Processing, Pay Stub Processing

  • Commercial General Liability/Cyber Security and Errors and Omission Insurance Coverage

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